On-Site Mixed Concrete

The pedigree of the rotary drum mixer is well-established, but so are the drawbacks. Once loaded, they have a fixed amount and mix of concrete to deliver within a fixed period of time before it sets.

The mix cannot be changed and, if you order too much, the concrete goes to waste. If you order too little, the mixer must return to the batching plant for a part load, incuring extra costs and extra time.

Our volumetric mixers carry dry ingredients which are mixed on the spot.  Our concrete always arrives fresh and the precise dispensing system ensures our mixes are accurate to your specifications.

If you over order, we simply stop the mixer without any wasted concrete.The mix can be changed during the delivery to meet your exact specifications. So, if two different mixes are required, there is no need to return to the batching plant.

With Fleximix Concrete, there are no part loads, no waste, and increased time to offload your concrete. We can also offer a barrow service when booked in advance – speak to our team today to discuss your requirements.

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